Where To Eat In Singapore

So long as you are craving a specific food or looking for recommendations for where to eat.

That is why our community of food lovers is here to share and spark food ideas.

Also, you do not have to look very far, even if this food is uncommon in Singapore.

In brief, Singapore is home to more food varieties than you can eat in a lifetime.

The city is full of international restaurants to global chains with modest finds from hawkers that will fulfil your appetite.

Even more so, you can find everything from Michelin-starred delicacies and foreign cuisines to tasty creations by homegrown chefs and local hawker favourites.

In other words, our guide to the vibrant food scene in Singapore will have you raring to eat.

Where To Eat – International Cuisines

Particularly for foreign friends who are missing the familiar taste of home-based food in Singapore.

Of course, there are several secret restaurants in Singapore to enjoy cuisine from all over the world.

Where To Eat – Global Food

Conversely, the fascination with food in Singapore goes far deeper than its world-famous chilli crab and Laksa.

For instance, you can find global food franchises setting shop as fast-service dining and takeaway restaurants.

Where To Eat – Local Cuisines

Overall our local cuisine is a flavoursome blend from different racial backgrounds, including Chinese, Malay, Eurasian, Peranakan, and Indian fare.

Therefore, if you would like to try local Chinese, Indian and Malay cuisine, you can start with Chinatown, Little India and Kampong Gelam.

Hawker Centres

After all, hawkers are not an easy trade, and we are proud of our hawkers.

Even more so, you may find that a visit to Singapore will not be complete without a visit to our local hawker centres.

In this case, you can start local street food by visiting the Chinatown Complex Food Centre, home to 260 food stalls.

Also, another fun component of local food culture is Singlish, hear the local speak and immerse with our colourful food culture.

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