Nguan Roasted Traditional Roast Duck Boon Lay Mrt #01-14

Get Roast Duck meals here for under $5

Despite the recent inflation, you can buy a whole traditional Roast Duck, which is wallet-friendly in Jurong. One whole roast duck sells for $30, and we brought half duck for $15, enough for a family of four.

Half Duck Portion

Nguan Roasted has been selling roast duck in Jurong for more than five years. Not only Roast duck but also traditional roast chicken and roast meat serving in varieties of selections.

The brand first started as Nguan Roasted in 2018 and has two outlets, located at Boon Lay MRT and Pioneer MRT.

Nguan Roasted @ Boon Lay MRT

Nguan Roasted maintained its menu prices where you can still get a decent meal for under $5 despite the recent inflation. You can choose from the menu, from roasted chicken rice for $3.50 to roasted duck & char siew Rice for $5.00.

Nguan Roasted Menu Boon Lay Mrt

Piping hot white rice topped with chewy flavourful roasted duck then drizzled with a thick savoury sauce. The skin is yummy juicy with meaty duck meat, still semi-tender with some moisture retained.

If you want a more spicy meal, you can help yourself with a moderate scoop of their salty, mildly spicy sambal chilli. It helps with a more flavoursome taste and improves the overall dish.

Nguan Roasted Pioneer Mrt

$2 Chicken Burger, finger food & Roast duck @ Pioneer MRT

Not only can you find Roast duck at the pioneer stall, but also a variety of finger food here. The finger food here is very popular with the daily MRT passersby, and we tried the Chicken burger and some sticks of finger food.

The chicken burger has its secret sauce no wonder there is a big poster to highlight it. Selling at $2, the burger is surprisingly delicious. The finger food is freshly fried with varieties of fishballs, nuggets, seaweed chicken and sausages.

$2 Chicken Burger

You can dine and takeaway in the Boon Lay store, while the pioneer store is smaller and offers only takeaway.

Nguan Roasted Menu Pioneer Mrt

We visited both stores from a recommendation. If you have a craving for roast duck and finger foods, here are the review & locations:

Nguan Roasted (Pioneer MRT)
31 Jurong West Street 63, #02-01, Singapore 648310
Mon to Sat 6 am–8 pm
Sunday 8 am-8 pm

Nguan Roasted (Boon Lay MRT)
301 Boon Lay Way, #01-14, Singapore 649846
Mon to Fri 5.30 am to 10 pm / till sold out
Sat 5.30 am–9.30 pm
Sunday 6am-9.30pm

There you have it. Alternatively, if you know of more hidden food recommendations that we should check out, do let us know at GoHawkers!