What To Eat – Share Your Local Favourites

To begin with, people enjoy looking for what to eat and trust friends and families recommendations. 

Not only is Singapore a renowned city for affordable food, but also one can find food within a 15mins walk.

In addition to the locals taking food very seriously and known to queue patiently for their favourite stalls. 

Also, we get excited when someone shares a new eatery or mentions a new recipe.

That is why we love to try and recommend good food and sharing it with more people.

Topmost what to eat – A plate of chicken rice

Especially if you only have time to try one dish, this would be chicken rice.

Equally important, you can find it at almost any dining place from our hawker centres to restaurants.

Conversely, the next favourite dish among many Singaporeans is the Chilli Crab.

Moreover, these crabs from Sri Lanka have delicious sweetmeat.

Also important is the sauce, well-complemented by chilli crab paste or black pepper sauce.

Hence, making Chili Crab’s the classic Singaporean favourite seafood dish.

Fish Head Curry

Not only is fish head curry a fulfilling dish, but also one of the favourite choices of seafood for families.

Overall, this mildly spicy dish is a gravy rich curry stew.

Using an entire fish head cooked with vegetables, fulfilling for the whole family.

Fried Carrot Cake

Made from radish is the local fried carrot cake, a savoury dish available in black or white.

In addition to being a popular breakfast choice, each is unique in taste.

Fried Kway Teow

Also known as Char Kway Teow.

This wok-fried noodle dish comes with cockles and a popular Singaporean hawker staple.

My pick what to eat – Kaya Toast

Another typical Singapore breakfast, kaya toast.

In addition to being the ultimate comfort food, combine with Nanyang coffee and two soft boil eggs.

Nasi Lemak

Even more so, you will be amazed by this simple and delicious mix.

Such as savoury coconut rice with spicy sambal, Ikan Bilis and egg.


Also, another rich and iconic Singapore dish is the laksa.

As a result of this gravy, this is the perfect combination of spice and coconut milk.

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