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Cream Puffs & Bake Cheese Tart Not To Be Missed At Chewy Junior Singapore

I have a confession to make

I came for Signature Cream Puffs and also found one of the best bake cheese tart in Singapore. Despite being a self-confessed foodie living in the gastronomic paradise that is Singapore, I’m not one to chase food fads or quickly jump onto nom-nom-hype-trains. Why jostle with massive crowds when you can wait out the initial rush and still sample the goods. After all, if the food fad is good, it will stick around and become a household name.

Chewy Junior Signature Cream Puffs

Having said that, I have a tinge of regret that this household name has gone under my radar for so long. First established in 2007, Chewy Junior emerged in the doughnut fad with its signature chewy cream puffs. Riding on the wave of popularity, this Singapore brand expanded overseas and hit peak popularity with franchisees in 14 countries across Asia, the US and UK.

What makes this chewy cream puff (with 14 years of history) stand out from the rest and survive the devastating COVID period? TLDR – it’s worth every calorie!

Brought A Box Of 9 Assorted Flavours

Why drink calories when you can chew it

Baked fresh in-store every day, this chewy cream puff is delightfully deceptive. The palm-sized cream puff lives up to its name with every bite. The soft cream inside blends well with the variety of toppings and piped glaze on the outside.

One can easily finish a single CJ chewy puff in one go without that jelak feeling (cloying richness). With more than a dozen flavours, there’s something for every sweet tooth. Here are my Top 3 picks.

1. Hazelnut Roche

Here is a near-identical recreation of the classic Ferrero Rocher in a cream puff. Any Ferrero Rocher lover would find it impossible to stop at just one Hazelnut Roche.

2. Caramel Apple

Want some fruit or fibre with your dessert? Try this combination of salted caramel and cinnamon apples.

3. Cookie and Cream Tart (NEW)

You can’t go wrong with an oreo dessert. One of Chewy Junior latest offerings is the light, flaky crust. Also, cups a generous amount of creamy crunchy filling. 

It was hard to narrow down my Top 3 picks, and please don’t sleep on the cream cheese variants!

Chewy Junior Molten Cheese Tart

Remember to try the bake molten cheese tart at Chewy Junior Singapore

Other than the signature cream puffs, there are also madeleines, tarts and lava cake. Arriving late, I only manage to get my hands on the molten cheese tart. Other than the original bake cheese tart, there is also the vanilla milk tart in Bugis Singapore Outlet.

From eating it fresh, the light, flaky and crispy crust is filled with buttery fragrance. The cheese was smooth and creamy, with the cheesy taste not too overwhelming. Therefore, you can’t just stop at one.

Look Out For Chewy Junior Hourly Special

Sharing Happiness is Caring

At $2.90 per piece, Chewy Junior offerings are kind of pricey, but here’s a pro tip – DO NOT JUST BUY ONE OR TWO!

Chewy Junior daily promos follow a simple rule – buy more, save more. Save up to $0.75 per piece when you buy more. After all, good things must share, right.

Ratings of Cream Puffs & Bake Cheese Tart at Chewy Junior Singapore

  • Taste 8/10 (Worth every sweet cheat-day calorie)
  • Price 9/10 (Buy in bulk for friends and family)
  • Craveability 8/10 (Once you chew, it’s hard to stop)
  • Overall 8/10 (Die die must try!)


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