Discover Must-Try Singapore Food And Culture

To begin with Singapore Food, the wide variety of selections comes from being a multiracial society.

Especially with more food variety from Malay, Chinese, Indian and Eurasian influences.

In short, you have plenty of food choices from around the world.

After all, a visit to one of the hawker centres or food courts will be as eye-opening as fulfilling.

Must-Try Local Food in Singapore

Presently, the local neighbourhood has plenty of food choices.

Such as a hawker centre, coffee shop or restaurant nearby serving a selection of food that will keep you going until dinner.

For example, chicken rice stalls serving a satisfying three-dollar meal or fishball noodles served dry or in soup with handmade fishballs.

In brief, you have plenty to choose whatever you want to eat from nasi lemak, satay or ngoh hiang.

Must-try local food which you cannot miss out! Experience Singapore food culture and find out more about the food speciality.

Equally important as a Singapore Food Guide, our food recommendations come from word of mouth.

That is why we visit and taste the food in person before giving our review.

In addition to uncovering the unique flavour, we support the F&B owner as a full suite food service partner.

Not only are we here to promote local food but to make hawker work easy.

For instance, you can find the food story of every hawker and local traditional food right here.

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