Pure wild abalone

Make with Australian wild abalone, elevate your cooking with the best abalone sauce essence in Singapore.

If you love to cook, you must have used the oyster sauce. Do you know this wild abalone sauce to create exquisite cuisines is available in Singapore?

There are many misconceptions about wild abalone, and one thing remains true, it’s delicious.

This natural delicacy has been a prized export from Australia to the world for dining. The experienced chefs are using abalone sauces for their cooking to relish the exquisite taste.

Black abalone

What is wild abalone?

Wild abalones are nature’s delicacy and flourish in Australia and New Zealand waters. These two countries have tight regulations to protect wild abalones from overfishing.

It has never been easy to fish the wild abalones living in the deep, cold, pristine ocean waters.

Wild abalone is a sea snail with a large foot muscle holding on to sea rocks. Their head has a pair of cephalic tentacles and eyes with epipodial tissue surrounding the single shell. We can identify their species with different abalone species having the various colour of their tentacles.

The conventionally accepted colour of abalone has always been a debate. The traditionalists have prized an albino abalone – which does not exist in real life.

The abalone whiteness artificially created through a boiling process and a large dosage of sulphur dioxide. This process may yield a misconceived desirable colour with much of the flavour and nutrition of the abalones ruined


Where are wild abalones from?

Australia is one of the few places in the world where wild abalones flourish in relatively large numbers. The waters south of Victoria are suitable for wild abalones for their purity fed by the Great Southern Ocean.

Australia is promoting the availability of wild abalones for this delicate and delicious source of protein to the broader masses.

Kansom Australia is the premium brand pioneering the procurement and processing of wild abalones for a world market.

The use of wild abalone sauce for a savoury taste experience in Singapore.

Wild abalone lives in water that is icy, oxygen-rich and full of nutrients, having travelled directly from the Antarctic. There is no source of pollution along the pathway to the breeding grounds of wild abalones.

Australia has ensured a viable industry from its tight regulations of fishing control. Victoria has always been an active abalone fishing industry and flourishing for more than a half-century. Fishing for wild abalones is hand-caught by divers seeking colonies of abalones that cluster on live reefs along the seabed.

In the past, abalones always end up in restaurants and have changed In recent years. Some abalone product starts to appear on supermarket shelves and food fairs. Now is the time to use wild abalone sauce to deliver a premium experience.

Singapore chefs are using Australia wild abalone essence in their cooking.

Australia wild abalone has a comparative advantage over other parts of the world, from the purity fed by the Great Southern Ocean.

Today, Asia have the largest group of abalone consumers in Korea, Japan and China. There is a significant opportunity to promote this natural resource and its benefits.

At Kansom Australia, the company has developed technologies for retail ready-to-eat wild abalone products.

The company has developed the world’s first all-natural Abalone sauce as a premium flavouring to many savoury dishes. The abalone sauce contains only the natural juices of the abalones to provide an exquisite experience.


What are the types of abalone?

For many people who appreciate the prestige of abalones as a dining experience, Australia has four types of abalones.

The dominant species is “black lip” because the black fleshy frill around the edge is black coloured.

Another major species is “green lip” because of its green flesh around the edge, and the minor two species is “brown lip” and “roei”.

There is a difference between the taste of the black lip and the green lip. These are significant for consumers who can tell the difference between the various types of abalones.

Farmed abalone products are cheaper due to the environment as well as availability. As the population knows more about wild abalones, market pricing will help consumers to differentiate the products.

Pure wild abalone sea sauce

Try out these delicious recipes with wild abalone sauce in Singapore.

The sustainability of wild abalone in the Mediterranean, Mexico and California is at stake. The black market in South Africa has wiped out the wild abalones industry.

Australia and New Zealand are two countries left with a viable industry and strictly managed by their governments. Taken together, they represent about half of the world’s supply of wild abalones.

The challenge for Australia today is to capitalise on a global market place. The A-grade branding and respected geo-identity of Victorian wild abalones provide a unique and powerful marketing opportunity.

For Kansom Australia, the prospects are bright for a highly-desirable, local and export-ready abalone product for dinner tables.

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