Traditional Food in Singapore you want to try

To begin with our traditional food, these are the local dishes which have existed through pioneer generations.

Not only does the food highlights the local culture but also these dishes are favourites for good reasons.

However, these traditional taste are disappearing from the loss of recipes, hard to prepare and less healthy option.

That is why you may find it harder to find Kwey Chap, Lor Mee, Beef Kway Teow, BBQ chicken wings and Kueh Tutu nowadays.

After all, the best way to learn about the local culture starts with the food.

Traditional Food – Loss Of Recipes

On the other hand, some foods are harder to prepare, causing the need to change the menu.

For example, an elderly couple selling Chinese soups can pivot their menus because of tedious preparation.

Traditional Food – Not A Healthier Option

Comparatively, the selection of traditional taste is rarely a healthier choice but more nostalgic.

Not only are consumers more health conscious today, but also looking for new tastes and aesthetic food.

As a result of consumer preferences, traditional taste are less preferred for younger crowds.

In brief, one of the few tangible things that connect us to the past and our cultural identity is food.

As much as the locals are obsessed with food, we can go a great distance to find our favourite food.

In short, try for yourself and support our traditional food stalls before it disappears. 

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