Jurong Food More Superbowl Serves Satisfying Popiah & Rojak

The stall is recommended by patrons intrigued with the crunchy Popiah.

New hawker stalls generally take some time to garner repeated patrons, which is why we were intrigued by this recommendation.

Despite it being in business only for a few months, we notice a short queue at the Popiah & Rojak stall during lunchtime. We joined the line and ordered ourselves Popiahs to try.


The Menu

The stall offers a selection of local street food, such as Popiahs ($1.90) and Rojak ($4/$5/$6). You can also opt for Kueh Pie Tee ($3.50), or Mango Salad ($5).

There are some options too, like more You Tiao ($1.20), Tau Pok ($1) and cuttlefish ($2/$4).

The Queue

It took us 2 minutes to reach the front of the queue, the food was prepared quickly right on the spot. We can see the stall is manned by one lady who is very well versed in preparing the Popiahs after taking orders.


Popiah, $1.90

We tried the Popiah, handmade and eaten right on spot. The turnip or Bangkuang is freshly made, It is sweet and crunchy with mildly spicy chilli sauce.


We were wondering what is that crispy thing in the Popiah. The lady shared that it is made with their special flour mixture and deep-fried. This got to be a must-try and the most addictive ingredient among all! Every single bite of Popiah is crunchy to the last bit.

Rojak, $3

Impress by the Popiah, we even order rojak for afternoon tea. Seeing the lady cutting the fruits quickly and mixing them in the rojak bowl, she is very well versed in preparing the rojak too.

Not only is the Popiah pack full of ingredients, but even the Rojak portion is also surprisingly fulfilling, with lots of You Tiao, our favourite. It is one of the better Rojaks we have savoured in a while.


We visited the stall from a recommendation. If you have a craving for Popiahs and Rojak, here is the location:

J&T Popiah & Rojak, Food More @ Superbowl, 3 Yuan Ching Rd, Singapore 618642

There you have it. Alternatively, if you know of more hidden food recommendations that we should check out, do let us know at GoHawkers!