Singaporean’s favourite Chinese Cuisines
Traditional Chinese Cuisines

Singaporean’s favourite Chinese Cuisines serving Traditional Chinese Cuisines for over 30 years now provide online orders.

Local caterer Hock Hoe Heng works 12-hour days at its central kitchen. The caterer has been serving traditional Chinese cuisines for over 30 years at Woodlands Region. Starting from serving restaurants quality cuisines for outdoor banquet, it has evolved to online orders for catering, Tingkat, frozen food, due to Covid-19 slump.

Their speciality, five-spice prawn rolls consists of fresh chestnuts hand-peeled and meshed with fresh prawns, infused with spices. Other popular dishes are traditional comfort food such as Chestnut Braised Ducks and Breaded Prawn Balls.

Hock Hoe Heng Restaurant Catering
First-generation restaurant owner

The perseverance of Old school dishes

Peng Oh the first generation restaurant owner has persisted on ingredients quality and nostalgic taste. He tells how’s important it was to preserve our Singapore traditional Chinese cuisines tastes throughout the decades.

Now, Thomas, the second generation has continued the family trade and expanding restaurant operation for online ordering making it easy to order your favourite Chinese cuisines and enjoying at the comfort of your home, sharing “he values how important customer feedback is to their trade”.

Singaporean’s favourite Chinese Cuisines easy to cook
Easy to cook Heat & Serve

Ongoing into F&B

As his father worked as a chef, Thomas grew up watching him cook and decided to give F&B a shot He says, “F&B is in my blood. When I started, I told my friends that I’m not selling the food; I’m selling the culture. I wanted to preserve the taste of comfort food.”

Thomas is serious about learning the ropes from his father. “I didn’t want to take a high risk to join F&B. I’ve not done it before and I lack experience in this line,” he says.

He explains, “Our concept is very simple. We sell good food, quality ingredients. We provide a wide range of tasty menus that is at a reasonable price.”

Singaporean’s favourite Chinese Cuisines Bento set
Bento Sets

Ingredients source fresh daily

Thomas is happy to share more about his food with his customers, should they ask. “Before I joined F&B I was very shy. Now I can talk,” he laughs.

A lot of the ingredients we use are source fresh daily. “We understand how fresh ingredients make all the difference in taste,” he says, and we work together with our suppliers and staffs to ensure food quality.

From our Covid experience, we know how difficult it has been for customers and F&B. Taking the initiative to improve their eCommerce has made ordering easy for customers and bringing more orders for the restaurant.

Singaporean’s favourite Chinese Cuisines Chestnut Braised Duck
Chestnut Braised Ducks


Favourite Chinese Cuisines – Chestnut Braised Ducks

The must-try at Hock Hoe Heng is definitely Chestnut Braised Ducks. Thomas shared this is also his favourite dish, the chestnut really mixes well with duck meat.

People may not know however Chinese dishes use 90% of the time to prepare and 10% of the time to cook. This dish took two days to prepare.

Singaporean’s favourite Chinese Cuisines Five Spice Prawn Roll
Five Spice Prawn Roll


Favourite Chinese Cuisines – Five Spice Prawn Roll (Our Pick!)

For our orders, we recommend the signature dish Five Spice Prawn Roll (or ‘Ngoh Hiang’). We found these bite-size Ngoh Hiang pieces bursting with chestnut and fresh prawns. It is a very comforting food and truly a traditional taste.

The best part is that this Restaurant caterer has been around for a very long time – 1978 is way before many of us were even born! Order online for a taste of tradition.

Tingkat Services

If you are interested to order from Singaporean’s favourite Chinese Cuisines, Hock Hoe Heng Restaurant Catering.

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