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In brief, Go Hawkers is a Singapore Food Guide for food lovers to discover what to eat and where to find it.

Singapore is a great place where you can get all the different types of food you are craving.

However, it can be challenging to find where and what you want to eat.

This guide will help you navigate to find good food in Singapore.

Together with hawkers and our communities, we shared a group dining space called hawker centres.

Such as anyone can locate these hawker centres around Singapore in each neighbourhood.

Equally important, Singapore’s Hawkers Culture is a local heritage.

That is why you can find lots of good food prepared by those who cook hawker food.

Not only to dine with families and friends but also to mingle over hawker food.

Even more so, you can find our local favourite food to be affordable in most of these hawker centres.


Singapore is a foods lover paradise, and do not just take our word for it.

Our recommendations come from foodies like you who have tried these hawkers and restaurants.

Not only from locals but also those that have won praises from the international food community.

In short, Go Hawkers is all about food.

But also, we want to know about the ingredients, recipes and the story of each hawker.

Not only to know where to eat the next meal but also what we are eating.

In the light of the hawker trade, these diligent hawkers work long hours and labouriously.

By all means, Go Hawkers is here to help make the hawker trade more simple.


Not only are we able to help with marketing, but also to provide a full suite of F&B services.

Even more so, we would love to offer product endorsements, food consulting, global campaigns, video and recipe production.

So then let’s get connected, write to or visit our agency. 

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