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Of course, cooking can be fun and easy with all the recipes and tricks we are sharing.

Not only is there flavorful twists to many recipes, but also you can find plenty of wholesale kitchenware right here.

In addition to cooking simple and tasty food for daily meals, Asian cuisines are also our speciality.

After all, a delicious home cook meal is the best thing when you reach home.

That is why these step-by-step guides and videos are daily home recipes for cooking quickly under 30 minutes.

In short, every recipe is made easy to follow and do check out if videos are available.

Also, what this food blog is covering are far more than only tasty.

Equally important is sharing food stories on a whole new stage, from food travel to new products, kitchen experiments and restaurants launches.

Come and join us and share delicious, well-tested meals for breakfast, dinner & desserts to discover tips, chefs, videos and how-to.

Try This

Easy Recipes – Breakfast

Prepare breakfast with available products from your local supermarket that you can buy or order online.

Easy Recipes – Lunch

In Singapore, lunch is often taken outdoors, especially from hawker centres.

We want to bring more lunch sets with seasonal ingredients that you can prepare at home, along with old family recipes.

Easy Recipes – Dinner

Despite after a long day, reward yourself with a delicious dinner made from scratch.

Some cooking is more labour-intensive than others, so make sure you select a mood-fitting recipe.

Easy Recipes – Busy Weekends

Of course, weekends are busy, and for families and big hungry crowds, you can master delicious, quick-cooking.

Even easier, try out making some dessert that will wow your family.

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