Images from Leng Soon, a grocery wholesale at Yuhua Market & Hawker Centre

Soy Sauce is made from the four basic ingredients of soybeans, wheat, salt and water. The traditional fermentation method takes up to six months to complete and results in a transparent, delicately coloured broth with a balanced flavour and aroma.

Soy sauces are not just a salty flavouring. A good soy sauce can give a great umami flavour to the cooking and enhance the taste of your natural ingredients.

With so many varieties of soy sauce brands, how do we choose the right naturally-brewed soy sauces with umami flavour?

Angel Light Soy Sauces from Ipoh, Perak Makaysia

The “colour”, “taste” and “aroma” of soy sauce

When looking for a soy sauce to buy, the first thing to consider is the taste. Soy sauces are not just salty, there are also naturally sweet. The second most important thing to consider is the aroma. A good soy sauce should have a rich flavour with an aroma. 

The final thing to consider is the colour, as it should be clear, transparent and mild.

The secret is in the soy sauces. Those who love to cook knows how important soy sauces will elevate the umami flavour to the food. 

Images from Leng Soon, a grocery wholesale at Yuhua Market & Hawker Centre

Different Types Of Soy Sauces

Light soy sauces

Frequently used for stir-frying and marinating. Good soy sauces are natural umami, you can taste the difference directly as a dipping sauce or just add a little to your porridge for a delicious flavouring.

Dark soy sauces

The thick soy sauce is used to add colour and flavour to dishes. Dark soy sauces are also less salty and more concentrated than liquid soy sauce.

Sweet Soy sauces

Often used for stirring and dipping sauces, Sweet soy sauce is often used for Singaporean dishes such as Char Kway Teow and Black Carrot Cake.

Table Soy Sauces

Table soy sauces, also known as light soy sauces, is used to make dipping sauces. It is usually not as thick and rich as dark soy sauce, but it is still flavorful.


Kikunishiki is a type of soy sauces with a sweet and sour flavour. It is usually used to make the sweet and sour sauce.


Miso is a Japanese fermented food made from soybeans, rice, and salt. It is distinguished from soy sauces in that it does not contain wheat or alcohol.

Steamed Vermicelli Roll (肠粉) or Rice Noodle Roll is a Cantonese dish

Choosing the right soy sauce

As I was learning to make Steamed Vermicelli Roll (肠粉), a traditional Guangzhou dim sum that is fresh and delicious.

Served hot right off from the steamer, these Rice Noodle Rolls are silky smooth, soft, and light. Eaten with the mixed soy sauces, adding a mild sweet-savoury taste to the rolls is a great combination of textures and flavours! The only problem is finding the right soy sauce for the recipe.

Images from Leng Soon, a grocery wholesale at Yuhua Market & Hawker Centre

Leng Soon Trading

Having tried looking for a sweet appetizing soy sauce to match the recipe, I came upon a market grocery with a wide variety of sauces.

This stall, Leng Soon Trading is found in the corner of Yuhua Market & Hawker Centre, you can find lots of goodies and sauces that are affordable and uncommon.

Images from Leng Soon, wide variety of goodies
Images from Leng Soon, a wide variety of dry goods

I was looking for the Angel Brand Soy sauce, made in Ipoh Malaysia by Bidor Kwong Heng. Their naturally brewed soy sauce is known for its aroma and complexity of flavour.

This brand is quite rare in Singapore and yet the taste is one of the best soy sauces to match with Rice Noodle Roll recipe.

Images from Leng Soon, a wide variety of sauces

It was a coincidence surprise to find this stall and became one of my favourite stalls to find sauces that cannot be found elsewhere.

You’ll be amazed at how soy sauces can be the secret weapon that gives dishes greater depth and complexity.

Images from Leng Soon, a wide variety of daily condiments

If you need any sauces or groceries, you can order on Grab Mart or visit the stall. Leng Soon Trading opens from 7 am to 2 pm daily and closed on Monday.

Located at Yuhua Market & Hawker Centre | 347 Jurong East Ave 1, #01-80, Singapore 600347 | Facebook

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