Offering Crab & Burger Delivery At A Much Friendlier Price Point

Chef Jodin Behind Crab & Burger Wants To Offer Great Burger Delivery of Superior Quality That Won’t Break The Bank.


Not too long ago, Jodin was the head chef for around 2 years at Burger & Lobster Restaurant, an international chain of high-end restaurants. This gave Jodin the idea to do the same but with crabs, and at a much friendlier price point.  

For many years, Jodin has been diligently honing his culinary skills, continuously mastering his craft. He dedicated his time to gaining valuable experience and expanding his gastronomic knowledge by working at several renowned or vibrant establishments. 

Started Cooking Being His Dad’s Cooking Assistant

Jodin’s first recollections of cooking were with his dad, helping him cook Sunday meals for the family. These memories were very precious to him as these Sundays spent being his dad’s cooking assistant brought the whole family together. Together with enjoying good food and spending quality time as a family. This is where his love for cooking started, this was where his journey began. 

Although he is grateful for all the experiences he’s gone through, it has always been his dream to start on his own. Jodin admitted that one of the biggest hurdles he had to overcome was out on his own, even with the support he had. When the opportunity presented itself, Jodin took the leap of faith and dove straight in.

 Thus, Crab & Burger, a burger delivery restaurant was born! 

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Crab Burger Delivery

Crab & Burger runs out of a beautiful little cloud kitchen. Serving a colourful array of delicious globally inspired comfort food dishes that are easy to eat, many of which have crab cleverly incorporated into them. 

You may also be pleased to know that each meal has been carefully crafted with premium ingredients to achieve explosive flavours and the best tastes possible. 

The decadently buttery brioche buns used for the burgers are all freshly baked in-house. Our recommendation to you on what to look out for on Crab & Burger’s exciting new menu is the line of scrumptious crab burgers, yum! 


KP Deluxe Burger Delivery

The real star of the show is the one and only KP Deluxe. The KP Deluxe features crispy fried crab cakes with curry mustard mayonnaise. Topped with beef tomatoes, onions, baby gem lettuce, and homemade pickles, and finished off with melted cheddar cheese.

The menu reflects Jodin’s journey as a chef and his culinary perfection. This journey has led him to become quite an expert at European & Asian fusion foods, which makes up most of the menu. He considers this menu as an amalgamation of everything he’s been through to get where he is today. 

Charsiew Siew Yoke Burger

Although he regards himself as an introverted guy, the complete opposite is reflected in his curated menu. The menu features dishes that are bold in flavour but still palatable to most. 

Jodin hopes to get more experimental with his dishes in the future to challenge the norms and try things that others are too scared to do or have failed to do. 

Plans To Expand The Menu

He mentions that his comfort foods are meats, especially steak. This is because his father loved beef, so he hopes to incorporate this love for beef in new upcoming dishes.

If you want to give these amazing dishes a try, find Crab & Burger on the major delivery platforms. Launching 06 July 2022!

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