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Relieve Heatiness with Three Legs Cooling water

Three Legs Cooling Water has always been a trusted brand for many families since its production in 1937. It has been used all over Southeast Asia as a reliable and affordable combatant to all heat-related health problems.

Three Legs Brand

In the past, people would take cold drinks or use a fan or an air conditioner to cool down. However, these methods are not always efficient and can be expensive.

The Three Legs Cooling Water is a more affordable solution that can be used anywhere and anytime. It can also provide relief from heatiness for anyone who is suffering from it.

Three Leg Cooling Water | Cooltopia

How it works:

The cooling water is made from deionised water and Gypsum Fibrosum — natural ingredients used in many traditional Chinese medicinal recipes for their cooling properties.

As such, Three Legs Cooling Water is highly effective to restore balance to the body system and relieving common ailments caused by intense heat in the body.

Sources of Heatiness

What is Heatiness?

Heatiness or Panas Dalam refers to excessive heat in the body but without the cooling part to counter.

Heat and fatigue can be caused by the excessive consumption of spicy and greasy food, an intake of large amounts of alcohol, smoking, constant stress, stress to sleep, and lack of rest.

It leads to a variety of symptoms that vary from irritability, concentration loss, fatigue, and profuse sweating to mouth ulcers, acne breakout, a sore throat, and even fever.

Three Legs Cooltopia

Cooltopia comes with 4 flavours

Three Legs Brand has also extended its traditional cooling water with Cooltopia which has four flavours of Guava, Peach, Lychee and Lime.

Cooltopia works similar to the classic Three Legs Cooling Water and contains all the natural ingredients to relieve heatiness in the body. The difference is in the flavours, a refreshing fruity flavour, with a semi-sweet aftertaste.

Three Legs Cooltopia | Peach Flavour

Natural Minerals

With its unique combination of fruit and cooling water, Three Legs Cooltopia has created a thirst-quenching drink, to neutralize heatiness. These natural ingredients have been used in many traditional Chinese medicinal recipes for centuries to treat common ailments and are safe to consume for all ages.


Three Legs Brand products are 100% made from natural ingredients without any chemical preservatives and artificial colourings. Anyone can enjoy all the health benefits from cooling water and enjoy the refreshing, authentic goodness of nature!

Stay Hydrated

Singapore’s tropical climate can cause heavy perspiration leading to thirst and a rapid loss of energy. You can safely consume Three Legs Cooling Water daily to hydrate and quench your thirst, keeping you energized throughout the day.

Relieve Heatiness | Staying Hydrated

Why is Cooling Water good for you?

In recent years, there has been a growing concern about the health risks of sugary drinks. This has led many people to turn to diet drinks as an alternative. However, most people have found that these beverages provide less flavour and are not satisfying.

Now there is a new way to enjoy both fruity and healthy drinks. Three Legs Cooltopia is a great alternative to sweetened drinks without the excess sugar and artificial additives, a beverage that’s deliciously fruity and healthy – fit for all ages.

Furthermore, the new flavours still retain the cooling properties without compromising their product benefit!

Keep Going with Three Legs Brand

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