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Singapore Food Guide
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Guilt-Free Chicken Curry

A classic favourite, learn how to substitute coconut milk with Unisoy soya milk powder as a healthier alternative!

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Singapore Food Guide

Is simply where we know what are the good food and where to find it.

Singapore’s Hawkers Culture is a local heritage where our communities shared in group dining spaces called hawker centers.

These hawker centres are located in each neighborhood around Singapore and you can find lots of good food prepared by those who cook hawker food and happy foodies who dine and mingle over hawker food.

Our local favourite food can be found in most of these hawker centres and definitely afforable.

About Go Hawkers

GoHawkers is all about food, we want to know about ingredients, the recipes and the story of each hawker.
As foodies, we want to know what we are eating, how to prepare it, apart from figuring out where to eat your next meal.

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